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Security News

FIN7 Lures Unwitting Security Pros to Carry Out Ransomware Attacks

22-10-21 The infamous Carbanak operator is looking to juice its ransomware game by recruiting IT staff to its fake Bastion Secure "pen-testing" company.

REvil Servers Shoved Offline by Governments – But They’ll Be Back, Researchers Say

22-10-21 A multi-country effort has given ransomware gang REvil a taste of its own medicine by pwning its backups and pushing its leak site and Tor payment site offline.

Cisco SD-WAN Security Bug Allows Root Code Execution

22-10-21 The high-severity bug, tracked as CVE-2021-1529, is an OS command-injection flaw.

Threat Actors Abuse Discord to Push Malware

22-10-21 The platform’s Content Delivery Network and core features are being used to send malicious files—including RATs--across its network of 150 million users, putting corporate workplaces at risk.

U.S. Ban on Sales of Cyberattack Tools Is Anemic, Experts Warn

21-10-21 Meanwhile, Zerodium's quest to buy VPN exploits is problematic, researchers said.

TA551 Shifts Tactics to Install Sliver Red-Teaming Tool

21-10-21 A new email campaign from the threat group uses the attack-simulation framework in a likely leadup to ransomware deployment.

Gigabyte Allegedly Hit by AvosLocker Ransomware

21-10-21 If AvosLocker stole Gigabyte's master keys, threat actors could force hardware to download fake drivers or BIOS updates in a supply-chain attack a la SolarWinds.

Why is Cybersecurity Failing Against Ransomware?

21-10-21 Hardly a week goes by without another major company falling victim to a ransomware attack. Nate Warfield, CTO at Prevailion, discusses the immense challenges in changing that status quo.

Ransomware Sinks Teeth into Candy-Corn Maker Ahead of Halloween

21-10-21 Chicago-based Ferrara acknowledged an Oct. 9 attack that encrypted some systems and disrupted production.

Google Crushes YouTube Cookie-Stealing Channel Hijackers

20-10-21 Google has caught and brushed off a bunch of cookie-stealing YouTube channel hijackers who were running cryptocurrency scams on, or auctioning off, ripped-off channels. 

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