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Security News

Squirrels, Not Hackers, Pose Biggest Threat to Electric Grid

17-02-17 According to Marcus Sachs, CSO with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, doomsday fears of a cyberattack against the U.S. electric grid are overblown.

SMTP Strict Transport Security Coming Soon to Gmail, Other Webmail Providers

17-02-17 SMTP Strict Transport Security is coming to major webmail providers this year, a Google engineer said at RSA Conference

Divide Between Work, Personal Data on Android Breached

16-02-17 Researchers demonstrate how malicious apps can break into secure Android work containers on EMM managed phones.

Cris Thomas on Cyberwar Rhetoric

16-02-17 Cris Thomas of Tenable Networks, aka Space Rogue of the L0pht, talks to Mike Mimoso during RSA Conference about the rhetoric and hype surrounding cyberwar, as well as a quick trip down memory lane with the L0pht and its famous 1998 testimony before Congress.

Setting Expectations Between States on Cyberwar

16-02-17 A RSA Conference panel tackles the difficulty in defining cyberwar.

Turning Tables on Nigerian Business Email Scammers

15-02-17 Researchers from Dell SecureWorks infiltrated a Nigerian business email spoofing and business email compromise operation, shutting down a number of money mule accounts in the process.

Google Touts Progress in Android Security in 2016

15-02-17 Google's Android security director touts 2016 mobile OS security accomplishments from encryption, improved APIs and new developer testing tools at the RSA Conference.

No Firewalls, No Problem for Google

15-02-17 Google secures its perimeter with explicit trust in what it knows about users and the devices connecting to its corporate services.

DHS Chairman Paints Bleak US Cybersecurity Picture

15-02-17 The United States is losing on the cyber-battlefield and face a bleak threat landscape, according to DHS chairman Michael McCaul. But, he says, there is still hope to turn things around.

Schneier Brings Campaign for IoT Regulation to RSA

14-02-17 Citing IoT insecurity, Bruce Schneier called on technologists to get involved with IoT policy at RSA.

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