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Security News

APT15 Pokes Its Head Out With Upgraded MirageFox RAT

19-06-18 This is the first evidence of the China-linked threat actor's activity since hacked the U.K. government and military in 2017 (which wasn't made public until 2018).

When It Comes To IoT Security, Liability Is Muddled

19-06-18 The onus behind IoT security has become so muddled that no one knows who to point fingers at.

Olympic Destroyer Returns to Target Biochemical Labs

19-06-18 The threat actors appear to be in a reconnaissance phase, which could be a prelude to a larger cyber-sabotage attack meant to destroy and paralyze infrastructure.

“Unbreakable” Smart Lock Tapplock Issues Critical Security Patch

18-06-18 Researchers were able to discover a way to hack the device in less than an hour.

Google Home, Chromecast Leak Location Information

18-06-18 The devices don’t require authentication for connections received on a local network; and, HTTP is used to configure or control embedded devices.

macOS QuickLook Feature Leaks Data Despite Encrypted Drive

18-06-18 Researchers demonstrate how an encrypted macOS hard drive can still leak unprotected data via the operating system’s Finder and QuickLook feature.

22K Open, Vulnerable Containers Found Exposed on the Net

18-06-18 Attackers can remotely access the infrastructure to install, remove or encrypt any application that the affected companies are running in the cloud.

Axis Cameras Riddled With Vulnerabilities Enabling “Full Control”

18-06-18 The IP cameras have a slew of bugs allowing bad actors to control them, add them to a botnet, or render them useless.

Vermont Librarian Wins Small-Claims Suit Against Equifax

15-06-18 In a David-and-Goliath moment, the 49-year-old librarian has won satisfaction in the wake of its head-spinningly massive 2017 data breach.

WannaCry Kill Switch Hero Faces New Charges, But Code Evals Say Little

15-06-18 The Feds say Marcus Hutchins is behind both the UPAS Kit backdoor and the Kronos banking trojan.

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