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Security News

ThreatList: Gift Card-Themed BEC Holiday Scams Spike

07-12-18 Watch out for emails about gift cards and corporate donations, researcher warn.

Australia Anti-Encryption Law Triggers Sweeping Backlash

07-12-18 A newly-passed Australian law could allow the government to force tech companies to create backdoors in their products.

TA505 Crooks are Now Targeting US Retailers with Personalized Campaigns

07-12-18 Threat group moves away from “smash-and-grab” attacks and adopts a boutique approach to targeting victims.

Using Fuzzing to Mine for Zero-Days

07-12-18 Infosec Insider Derek Manky discusses how new technologies and economic models are facilitating fuzzing in today's security landscape.

Microsoft Calls For Facial Recognition Tech Regulation

07-12-18 Microsoft and the AI Now Institute are both calling for regulation as facial recognition software picks up popularity.

Infected WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites

06-12-18 Researchers identified a widespread campaign of brute force attacks against WordPress websites.

Facebook Defends Data Policies On Heels of Incriminating Internal Docs

06-12-18 The company allegedly tried to hide away new policy changes that would collect Android app users' call and message logs.

White House Facial Recognition Pilot Raises Privacy Alarms

05-12-18 The facial recognition pilot will identify “subjects of interest" around the White House.

Adobe Flash Zero-Day Leveraged Via Office Docs in Campaign

05-12-18 Adobe issued a patch for the zero-day on Wednesday.

Kubernetes Flaw is a “Huge Deal,” Lays Open Cloud Deployments

05-12-18 Hackers can steal data, sabotage cloud deployments and more.

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