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Security News

Publicly Attacked Microsoft IIS Zero Day Unlikely to be Patched

29-03-17 Researchers have disclosed a zero-day vulnerability and proof-of-concept exploit for a flaw in Microsoft IIS 6.0. The zero-day has been under attack since last July, the researchers said.

Workarounds Available for Flaws in Siemens RUGGEDCOM Gear

29-03-17 Five vulnerabilities exist in Siemens RUGGEDCOM gear; the vendor has made a number of workarounds available, but it's unknown whether patches will be made available.

VMware Patches Pwn2Own VM Escape Vulnerabilities

29-03-17 VMware patched vulnerabilities uncovered earlier this month at Pwn2Own that could have let an attacker execute code on the VMware Workstation and carry out a virtual machine escape.

‘Anonymous’ FTP Servers Leaving Healthcare Data Exposed

29-03-17 The FBI warned medical and dental offices running FTP servers in anonymous mode that criminals are targeting these installations and stealing personal healthcare information.

Harley Geiger on Cybersecurity Policy

29-03-17 Harley Geiger, director of public policy at Rapid7, talks about how policy goes hand in hand with technology when it comes to cybersecurity, the government's focus on IoT and critical infrastructure, and more.

Microsoft Offers Analysis of Zero-Day Exploited By Zirconium Group

28-03-17 Microsoft patched a zero-day vulnerability actively used in a campaign by a hacking group known as Zirconium.

Apple Fixes 223 Vulnerabilities Across macOS, iOS, Safari

28-03-17 Apple fixed hundreds of bugs, 223 to be exact, across macOS Sierra, iOS, Safari, watchOS, and tvOS on Monday.

New Clues Surface on Shamoon 2’s Destructive Behavior

27-03-17 Researchers report new connections between Magic Hound and Shamoon 2, along with descriptions of how the Disttrack malware component of campaigns moves laterally within infected networks.

APT29 Used Domain Fronting, Tor to Execute Backdoor

27-03-17 APT29, a/k/a Cozy Bear, has used Tor and a technique called domain fronting in order to secure backdoor access to targets for nearly two years running.

Fileless UAC Bypass Uses Windows Backup and Restore Utility

27-03-17 Researcher Matt Nelson disclosed another Windows UAC bypass, this one abusing the sdclt.exe backup and restore utility to execute a payload without triggering an alert.

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