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Security News

Canadian Telcos Patch an APT-Ready Flaw in Disability Services

20-08-18 An attacker could escalate privileges on the server, further penetrating the network, harvesting customer information or mounting credible social-engineering campaigns.

Side-Channel PoC Attack Lifts Private RSA Keys from Mobile Phones

20-08-18 Researchers launched a Proof-of-Concept attack on two Android mobile phones and an embedded system board.

Darkhotel Exploits Microsoft Zero-Day VBScript Flaw

20-08-18 The recently-patched flaw could corrupt memory in such a way that an attacker could execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user.

GandCrab’s Rotten EGGs Hatch Ransomware in South Korea

20-08-18 This could mark yet another reinvention for the VenusLocker group, which has mostly been focused on cryptomining this year.

Philips Vulnerability Exposes Sensitive Cardiac Patient Information

17-08-18 The unpatched flaw would allow a bad actor to execute information-exfiltrating malware, backdoors, ransomware or any other kind of bad code he or she chose.

Unique Malspam Campaign Uses MS Publisher to Drop a RAT on Banks

17-08-18 A new email campaign includes a Microsoft Office Publisher file with malicious URLs leading to the FlawedAmmyy RAT.

Severe PHP Exploit Threatens WordPress Sites with Remote Code Execution

17-08-18 The issue impacts several content management systems, including Typo3 and WordPress, as well as widely-used PDF generation library TCPDF.

AT&T Faces $224M Legal Challenge Over SIM-Jacking Rings

17-08-18 Cryptocurrency angel investor Michael Terpin seeks damages for "gross negligence" by the carrier, alleging it turned a blind eye to store employees' malicious activities.

ThreatList: Almost Half of the World’s Top Websites Deemed ‘Risky’

17-08-18 An analysis of the world's most-visited websites shows that vulnerable software, too much active content and large amounts of code execution open visitors to a raft of potential dangers.

ATM Heists Only Set to Accelerate After $13M Break-In

17-08-18 The Cosmos Bank incident is only the latest, not the last, thanks to lagging security practices.

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