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Security News

2FA App Loaded with Banking Trojan Infests 10K Victims via Google Play

27-01-22 The Vultur trojan steals bank credentials but asks for permissions to do far more damage down the line.

BotenaGo Botnet Code Leaked to GitHub, Impacting Millions of Devices

27-01-22 The malware had already put millions of routers and IoT devices at risk, and now any noob can have at it.

Shipment-Delivery Scams Become the Favored Way to Spread Malware

27-01-22 Attackers increasingly are spoofing the courier DHL and using socially engineered messages related to packages to trick users into downloading Trickbot and other malicious payloads.

How to Secure Your SaaS Stack with a SaaS Security Posture Management Solution

27-01-22 SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) named a must have solution by Gartner. Adaptive Shields SSPM solution allows security teams full visibility and control.

TrickBot Crashes Security Researchers’ Browsers in Latest Upgrade

26-01-22 The malware has added an anti-debugging tool that crashes browser tabs when researchers use code beautifying for analysis.

Apple Fixes 2 Zero-Day Security Bugs, One Exploited in the Wild

26-01-22 iOS 15.3 & iPadOS 15.3 fix the Safari browser flaw that could have spilled users’ browsing data, plus a zero day IOMobileFrameBuffer bug exploited in the wild.

‘Dark Herring’ Billing Malware Swims onto 105M Android Devices

26-01-22 The mobile malware heisted hundreds of millions of dollars from unsuspecting users, thanks to 470 different well-crafted malicious app in Google Play.

New Year, New Threats: 4 Tips to Activate Your Best Cyber-Defense

26-01-22 Need a blueprint for architecting a formidable cyber-defense? Kerry Matre, senior director at Mandiant, shares hers in this detailed breakdown.

Cybercriminals Love Supply-Chain Chaos: Here’s How to Protect Your Inbox

26-01-22 Threat actors use bogus 'shipping delays' to deceive customers and businesses. Troy Gill, senior manager of threat intelligence at Zix, discusses how spoofing is evolving and what to do.

Linux Bug in All Major Distros: ‘An Attacker’s Dream Come True’

26-01-22 The 12-year-old flaw in the sudo-like Polkit’s pkexec tool, found in all major Linux distributions, is likely to be exploited in the wild within days.

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