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Security News

China APT Gang Targets Hong Kong Media via Dropbox

01-12-15 A Chinese APT gang is targeting Hong Kong media outlets with backdoors that connect to legitimate Dropbox accounts.

National Security Letter Details Unmasked

01-12-15 Details of a National Security Letter attachment were publicly shared, revealing the FBI covets not only telephone and Internet records, but also location data.

Embedded Devices Share, Reuse Private SSH Keys, HTTPs Certificates

30-11-15 Thousands of embedded devices share cryptographic keys and certificates, exposing millions of connections to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Data on 5 Million Users Compromised in Breach at Toy Maker VTech

30-11-15 UPDATE Electronics company VTech, perhaps best known for manufacturing children's toys, announced Monday that information on five million accounts were compromised in a breach this month. A new report claims that chat logs, audio recordings, and parent and children headshots were also leaked.

Microsoft Blocking Potentially Unwanted Programs

30-11-15 Microsoft has added opt-in protection for Windows enterprise users that blocks potentially unwanted programs and applications.

Lenovo Patches Vulnerabilities in System Update Service

25-11-15 Lenovo has patched two serious vulnerabilities in Lenovo System Update that can allow hackers elevate privileges and guess admin passwords.

Nuclear Exploit Kit Spreading Cryptowall 4.0 Ransomware

25-11-15 An attacker working off domains belonging to Chinese registrar BizCN has been moving the Cryptowall 4.0 ransomware via the Nuclear Exploit Kit.

United Airlines Slow to Patch Mobile App Vulnerability

24-11-15 A vulnerability reported to United Airlines that could have been exploited to manipulate flight reservations and customer data sat unpatched for almost six months before it was fixed.

Additional Self-Signed Certs, Private Keys Found on Dell Machines

24-11-15 Two more self-signed root certificates and corresponding private keys were found on Dell computers.

Backdoor In A Backdoor Identified in 600,000 Arris Modems

23-11-15 Thousands of cable modems manufactured by the Georgia-based telecom Arris suffer from a series of issues: XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities, hard-coded passwords, and what a researcher is calling a backdoor in a backdoor.

Portal Server

In many countries, for example China or Poland, a big part of the internet is restricted. Either by government, ISP or simply by school/work sysadmins.
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