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Security News

Qualcomm Bugs Open 40 Percent of Android Handsets to Attack

07-08-20 Researchers identified serious flaws in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC and the Hexagon architecture that impacts nearly half of Android handsets.

Attackers Horn in on MFA Bypass Options for Account Takeovers

07-08-20 Legacy applications don't support modern authentication -- and cybercriminals know this.

Have I Been Pwned Set to Go Open-Source

07-08-20 Fully opening the door to allow people to contribute to – and notably, tinker with – the code for the data-breach information service will be an entirely next-level effort, according to founder Troy Hunt.

Hackers Dump 20GB of Intel’s Confidential Data Online

07-08-20 Chipmaker investigates a leak of intellectual property from its partner and customer resource center.

Augmenting AWS Security Controls

07-08-20 Appropriate use of native security controls in AWS and other CSPs is fundamental to managing cloud risk and avoiding costly breaches.

Black Hat 2020: Influence Campaigns Are a Cybersecurity Problem

07-08-20 An inside look at how nation-states use social media to influence, confuse and divide -- and why cybersecurity researchers should be involved.

Black Hat 2020: Mercedes-Benz E-Series Rife with 19 Bugs

06-08-20 Researchers went into detail about the discovery and disclosure of 19 security flaws they found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which have all been fixed.

Canon Admits Ransomware Attack in Employee Note, Report

06-08-20 The consumer-electronics giant has suffered partial outages across its U.S. website and internal systems reportedly, thanks to the Maze gang.

Black Hat 2020: Satellite Comms Globally Open to $300 Eavesdropping Hack

06-08-20 Attackers can listen in on internet traffic for high-value targets a continent away, like shipping fleets and oil installations, using some basic home-television gear.

High-Severity Cisco DoS Flaw Plagues Small-Business Switches

06-08-20 Cisco recently patched the high-severity flaw, which could allow remote, unauthenticated attackers to launch DoS attacks against its popular small business switches.

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