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Security News

Threatpost Survey Says: 2FA is Just Fine, But Go Ahead and Kill SMS

16-01-19 Our reader poll showed overwhelming support for 2FA even in the wake of a bypass tool being released -- although lingering concerns remain.

Millions of Oklahoma Gov Files Exposed by Wide-Open Server

16-01-19 The storage server was left open for about a week and exposed everything from sensitive FBI investigations to data related to patients with AIDS.

U.S. Issues Multiple Charges For 2016 SEC Hack

16-01-19 The two were able to hack into the SEC's computer systems due to phishing attacks that stole credentials and spread malware.

Fortnite Hacked Via Insecure Single Sign-On

16-01-19 Leaky Fortnite single sign-on mechanism could have allowed hackers to access game accounts.

Magecart Returns with Advertising Library Tactic

16-01-19 The threat group also has a new subsidiary, Magecart Group 12.

VOIPO Database Exposes Millions of Texts, Call Logs

16-01-19 VOIPO acknowledged that a development server had been accidentally left publicly accessible, and took the server offline.

IDenticard Zero-Days Allow Corporate Building Access, Location Recon

15-01-19 Multiple hardcoded passwords allow attackers to create badges to gain building entry, access video surveillance feeds, manipulate databases and more.

Data Breach Roundup: U.S. Healthcare, Cryptopia, SingHealth and Experian

15-01-19 January is off to a running start on the data breach front, while Experian is predicting new attack frontiers ahead.

Judge: Law Enforcement Can’t Force Suspects to Unlock iPhones with FaceID

15-01-19 A ruling found that coercing suspects to open their phones using biometrics violates the fourth and fifth amendments.

ThreatList: $1.7M is the Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack

15-01-19 Brand damage, loss of productivity, falling stock prices and more contribute to significant business impacts in the wake of a breach.

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