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Security News

Microsoft’s May Patch Tuesday Updates Cause Windows AD Authentication Errors

16-05-22 Microsoft's May Patch Tuesday update is triggering authentication errors.

Threat Actors Use Telegram to Spread ‘Eternity’ Malware-as-a-Service

13-05-22 An account promoting the project—which offers a range of threat activity from info-stealing to crypto-mining to ransomware as individual modules—has more than 500 subscribers.

Malware Builder Leverages Discord Webhooks

12-05-22 Researchers discovered a simple malware builder designed to steal credentials, then pinging them to Discord webhooks.

You Can’t Eliminate Cyberattacks, So Focus on Reducing the Blast Radius

12-05-22 Tony Lauro, director of security technology and strategy at Akamai, discusses reducing your company's attack surface and the "blast radius" of a potential attack.

Novel ‘Nerbian’ Trojan Uses Advanced Anti-Detection Tricks

12-05-22 The stealthy, feature-rich malware has multistage evasion tactics to fly under the radar of security analysis, researchers at Proofpoint have found.

Intel Memory Bug Poses Risk for Hundreds of Products

11-05-22 Dell and HP were among the first to release patches and fixes for the bug.

Novel Phishing Trick Uses Weird Links to Bypass Spam Filters

11-05-22 A novel form of phishing takes advantage of a disparity between how browsers and email inboxes read web domains.

Actively Exploited Zero-Day Bug Patched by Microsoft

11-05-22 Microsoft's May Patch Tuesday roundup also included critical fixes for a number of flaws found in infrastructure present in many enterprise and cloud environments.

Ransomware Deals Deathblow to 157-year-old College

11-05-22 Why a private college that stayed in business for 157 years had to close after the combo of COVID-19 and ransomware proved too much.

Hackers Actively Exploit F5 BIG-IP Bug

10-05-22 The bug has a severe rating of 9.8, public exploits are released.

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