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Security News

Trump’s Cybersecurity Boss Talks Priorities

22-05-17 The country's top cybersecurity boss said the country is headed the wrong way when it comes to cybersecurity.

Verizon Patches XSS Issues in its Messaging Client

22-05-17 Verizon patched late last year persistent- DOM-based cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in its Message+ messaging client that could allow an attacker to control a user's session.

EternalRocks Worm Spreads Seven NSA SMB Exploits

22-05-17 A worm called EternalRocks has been spreading seven Windows SMB exploits leaked by the ShadowBrokers, including EternalBlue, which was used to spread WannaCry.

Jaya Baloo on WannaCry and Defending Against Advanced Attacks

22-05-17 Jaya Baloo, CISO of KPN, the Netherlands’ leading telecommunications provider, talks to Mike Mimoso about the WannaCry ransomware outbreak and how large network providers and enterprises must contend with advanced attacks.

Terror Exploit Kit Evolves Into Larger Threat

19-05-17 The Terror exploit kit has matured into a greater threat and carefully crafts attacks based on a user's browser environment.

Available Tools Making Dent in WannaCry Encryption

19-05-17 Tools are beginning to emerge that can be used to begin the process of recovering files encrypted by WannaCry on some Windows systems.

VMware Patches Multiple Security Issues in Workstation

19-05-17 VMware fixed two bugs in its VMware Workstation late Thursday night, including an insecure library loading vulnerability and a NULL pointer dereference vulnerability.

Threatpost News Wrap, May 19, 2017

19-05-17 Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss WannaCry, Microsoft's response, the killswitches, a potential link with Lazarus Group, and what the future holds for the ShadowBrokers.

PATCH Act Calls for VEP Review Board

18-05-17 The PATCH Act proposes the formation of a review board that would formalize and make transparent the processes by which the government determines whether it will use or disclose a zero-day vulnerability.

Android Gets Security Makeover With Google Play Protect

18-05-17 Google announces big changes for Android security including new features, a rebranding of old services and an updated UI, all streamlined under a new service called Google Play Protect.

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