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Security News

Threatpost News Wrap, May 22, 2015

22-05-15 Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso talk about the Logjam attack, the proposed Wassenaar export rules on exploits, and the letter to the president decrying crypto back doors.

Sendio Email Platform Patches Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability

22-05-15 Email security vendor Sendio has patched a pair of remotely exploitable security bypass vulnerabilities in its Sendio ESP, or Email Security Platform, product.

eBay Fixes Reflected File Download Flaw

22-05-15 For many years, eBay has been one of the bigger targets for phishers and many other kinds of attackers and they have been honing their tactics and improving them along the way. Much of their effectiveness depends on convincing users that they’re on the real eBay site and the site recently fixed a vulnerability that […]

Shoddy Android Factory Reset Exposes Private Data, Encryption Keys

22-05-15 Researchers from Cambridge University uncovered weaknesses in the Android Factory Reset feature that puts improperly sanitized data at risk.

Ersatz Scheme Deceives Hackers, Protects Stored Passwords

21-05-15 Researchers at Purdue University have developed a scheme that protects stolen passwords from offline cracking.

Charter Communications Fixes Website Data Leak Vulnerability

21-05-15 The internet-cable-television provider Charter Communications recently fixed an issue with its website that was inadvertently leaking the information of tens of thousands of its customers.

Head-Scratching Begins on Proposed Wassenaar Export Control Rules

21-05-15 Experts point out that the proposed Wassenaar rules in the U.S. leave unanswered questions regarding exploit development and the use of commercial penetration testing tools.

1.1 Million Affected by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Breach

21-05-15 CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield announced this week that hackers broke into one of its databases and made off with a variety of sensitive customer information.

Security Questions Not So Secure

21-05-15 The Internet knows a lot about you, including your mother’s maiden name, your favorite food, and what street your first pet grew up on. And, according to some new research from Google, attackers have a good chance of figuring those things out pretty easily, too. The security questions that Google and other companies ask users as […]

Security Researchers Wary of Proposed Wassenaar Rules

20-05-15 The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security today made public its proposal to implement the controversial Wassenaar Arrangement.

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