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Security Related News

UK intelligence agency stores passwords in plain text

22.10.2014 Just the other week, we heard that the Australian Tax Office was storing passwords in plain text. This time, it's one of the UK's intelligence agencies.

The taxpayer-funded plain text password store

22.10.2014 What's worse than a clueless security team that doesn't care about securing the details it receives' One that you're paying for with your tax dollars.

Hackers break in to RBA, but it's business as usual

22.10.2014 Chinese spies! Advanced persistent threats! Sophisticated "cyber" attacks! They're just buzzwords for attacks that are happening all the time, so why be surprised'

Slow clap: Internal certificates can hijack gTLDs

22.10.2014 Attackers can apply for the security certificates for gTLDs that are yet to be approved, and many legitimate websites may already have certificates that could allow them to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks on gTLDs.

How anyone can be a bank-robbing hacker

22.10.2014 Hackers have claimed to have broken into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's UK site, but with the bank denying any attack, is this just another case of putting one and one together and getting three'

Why we need to stop cutting down security's tall poppies

22.10.2014 We need to have a lower tolerance for lax security, but we also need to encourage those that are actually trying to do the right thing.

A half-assed additional factor does not equal two-factor security

22.10.2014 When is two-factor authentication not' When it's as bypassable as Yahoo's.

Does Australia even know what it's doing with its cybers'

22.10.2014 Another report, another 'cyber' initiative. But we've been putting these projects, proposals, and plans out for years with very little difference in results or agenda. Which makes me wonder: Do we even understand what the...

Why you shouldn't worry that the NSA is inside Android's code

22.10.2014 People worry that Google is accepting code from the NSA and pushing it into Android, but really, don't we want some of those code breakers showing us how to do it right'

Do unseen passwords really need masking'

22.10.2014 The latest beta version of Red Hat's Fedora operating system now chooses not to mask passwords by default in its installation, but should this become a standard practice'

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