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Security News

Hacker Admits to Mirai Attack Against Deutsche Telekom

24-07-17 A hacker that goes by the name “BestBuy” admitted to a German court that he was behind an attack last year that knocked over a million Deutsche Telekom customers offline.

macOS Fruitfly Backdoor Analysis Renders New Spying Capabilities

24-07-17 This week at Black Hat, Mac malware expert Patrick Wardle will describe how he used a custom-built command and control server to analyze new spying capabilities in a variant of the FruitFly backdoor.

Trickbot Malware Now Targets US Banks

21-07-17 Researchers with IBM and Flashpoint warn the Trickbot Trojan is growing more potent and now targeting U.S. banks.

Motivation Mystery Behind WannaCry, ExPetr

21-07-17 A shift in APT tactics is emerging as characterized by the destructive ExPetr attacks hidden in ransomware, and WannaCry, which also failed to turn a profit.

Apple Patches BroadPwn Bug in iOS 10.3.3

20-07-17 Apple released iOS 10.3.3 Wednesday that serves as a cumulative patch update for multiple vulnerabilities including the high-profile BroadPwn bug.

US, European Law Enforcement Shutter Massive AlphaBay Market

20-07-17 U.S. authorities along with law enforcement Europe and Asia announced today the takedown of the dark web’s largest illicit market, AlphaBay.

Tor Project Opens Bounty Program To All Researchers

20-07-17 The Tor Project is launching a public bug bounty program to encourage security researchers to responsibly report issues they find in the software.

Senator Calls For Use Of DMARC To Curb Phishing

19-07-17 Senator Ron Wyden is pushing to mandate government-wide use of the email authentication protocol DMARC “to ensure that hackers cannot send emails that impersonate federal agencies.”

Modified Versions of Nukebot in Wild Since Source Code Leak

19-07-17 Criminals have made use of the leaked source code for the Nukebot banking Trojan, crafting modified versions of the malware to target banks in the U.S. and France.

Bad Code Library Triggers Devil’s Ivy Vulnerability in Millions of IoT Devices

19-07-17 Tens of millions of products ranging from airport surveillance cameras, sensors, networking equipment and IoT devices are vulnerable to a flaw that allows attackers to remotely gain control over devices or crash them.

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