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Security Related News

Microsoft defends opening Hotmail account of blogger in espionage case

21.03.2014 Company says it cracked open the Hotmail account of an unnamed blogger involved in a Windows 8 espionage case in part because he was selling Windows Server activation keys.

Syria's Internet goes dark for several hours

21.03.2014 In a he-said she-said scenario, it's unclear who or what is responsible for the sustained blackout.

Microsoft sniffed blogger's Hotmail account to trace leak

20.03.2014 The company's legal department determined that it had the right to go through a private email account, citing a leak of proprietary Microsoft code.

Symantec fires CEO Steve Bennett

20.03.2014 Board member Michael Brown will serve as interim CEO while maker of Norton antivirus software hunts for its second chief executive in two years.

Microsoft sniffed private Hotmail account to trace trade secret leak

20.03.2014 Company's legal department determined it had the right to go through private email account, citing leak of proprietary Microsoft code.

IBM's new services zero in on fraud, financial crime

20.03.2014 The tech giant announces the creation of services to help corporations use big data in the battle against white-collar crime.

Despite assault on privacy, Page sees value in online openness

20.03.2014 While criticizing US surveillance activities as a threat to democracy, the Google CEO says more sharing could also save hundreds of thousands of lives.

Hackers transform EA Web page into Apple ID phishing scheme

20.03.2014 One of the game maker's servers is breached -- allowing hackers to create a phony Apple log-in screen that prompts users for personal information. EA says it now has the situation under control.

NSA top lawyer says tech giants knew about data collection

19.03.2014 Nevermind the vociferous denials from tech titans like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. They knew that the government was collecting their user data, the National Security Agency's general counsel tells a privacy oversight board.

Microsoft touts study showing the cost of pirated software

19.03.2014 The study claims consumers will spend $25 billion, and waste a collective 1.2 billion hours, fixing problems created by malware on pirated software.

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